How to Read Your Pulse

How to Read Your Pulse

The pulse of a pregnant women will be strong and slippery.  It is usually felt more on the left side than the right.  It can be very difficult to tell the difference of the pulse of a menstruating women or one who is about to be.  I have heard from women who tell me their Acupuncturist thought they were pregnant and then the started their period.  Easy mistake to make because they are so very simular.  Even though I believe I can feel the difference, I usually caution my patients that it could go either way and not to get their hopes up until the bbt chart stays above the cover line for 18 days.  I have found it is better to not get someones hopes up.

If you would like to be able to start reading your own pulse, you can.  Your index finger should go in the first position, then middle finger in second and ring finger in the third.  So you have to place the wrist of the left hand into the right hand and wrap your fingers around the wrist.  Leave only the 3 fingers along the pulse, and just touch it lightly, then a little harder, and a little harder.  This way you are feeling the pulse at the  exterior level, middle, and deep level.  It takes a lot of practice, but if you start doing it everyday, you will feel your pulse change.

Feeling the pulse change is very interesting.  Just make sure to feel it first thing when you wake up in the morning, then again if you are rushing around, maybe when you are stressed and again when you are relaxed.  This way you will soon know how your pulse really feels.  Then you will be able to feel the difference of a pregnancy pulse.  You will feel a rolling pulse of menstruation, or a rolling pulse of allergies.

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